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pivaSiFT Sieve Units

pivaSiFT Sieve units are basically used for 2 purposes;

  • Controlling the raw materials before production to prevent the presence of foreign matter or undesired large masses such as lumps from entering the production,
  • It is used to control the particle size of the produced bulk material during or at the end of production and/or to separate it into different classes according to particle sizes.

It is also possible to integrate magnetic catcher magnets within the same unit.

pivaSiFT Sieve units are in circular form in standard model and are driven by vibratory motors that are evenly distributed around and mounted at an adjustable angle. The magnitude, direction and frequency of the vibration can be fully adjusted and thus the screening process can be adapted to the material.

pivaSiFT, Vacuum type model, can be used in-line in vacuum conveyor lines.

pivaSiFT, can be integrated into the pivaFiLL Bag Discharge Unit to operate as a single unit.