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pivaPLANT Industrial Plants

These are the facilities that emerge with the combination and synchronized use of the products that pivaSiS put forward with serious engineering efforts.

Different combinations are created according to the different needs of each sector. While these combinations sometimes consist of only 2 products, sometimes they are in the form of using the entire product portfolio together.

We create the best possible operator screen interface in software for easy use of the facilities. We configure the system as much as possible so that it works fully automatically and requires minimal operator intervention.

The software level of the facility ranges from the one-button start and stop alternative depending on the complexity of the facility, to the alternative of reporting and commanding to SCADA robotic-integrated recipe-based application and ERP systems.

Sample plants for pivaPLANT;

  • Chocolate Mixture Preparation Plant
  • Bread Dry Mortar Mix Plant
  • Rubber Mixer Feeding Plant
  • PVC Mixer Feeding Plant
  • Feeding System to Extruder
  • Continuous Dosing Feeding System to the Grinder
  • Production Tank Feeding and Automation System
  • Tablet Press Feeding System
  • Feeding and Dosing System to Dissolver
  • Gelcoat Preparation System
  • Coffee Processing Plant

Tea Processing Plant


We create all our facility designs on fully licensed 3D object-based facility design programs. Thus, complex piping projects are designed in fine detail, down to the requirements to fit in certain volumes and ceiling heights, to the ways in which the cable is to be run.