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pivaMiX Dry Mixers

pivaMiX Dry Mixers are generally of horizontal type and standard sizes range from a 200 liter laboratory scale pilot version to a 3,000 liter size and are scalable. Horizontal type mixers are of two types, ‘Plow Type Turbo Mixer’ and ‘Ribbon Type Mixer’. Ribbon type mixers are used for mixing fragile materials such as nuts. Time saving is achieved by using a plow type turbo mixer with performance superiority for vertical mixes.

pivaMiX  Dry Mixers have long-lasting double-bearing and air-reinforced double-sealed shaft bearings. Compared to soft-seal mixers, the maintenance interval is very large.

pivaSiS, carries out continuous R&D studies for dry mix mixers with the highest discharge and cleaning performance.

pivaMiX Dry Mixers are equipped with maximum occupational safety measures. In order for the mixer cover to be opened, the operator must stop the mixer and ask permission from the system to unlock the safety lock. The system is electronically designed to never actuate when the lid is open.

With pivaMiX Dry Mixers; In addition to homogenization processes, pellet dispersal, drying, heat-receiving and/or heat-giving reaction processes can also be performed.