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pivaFiLL Discharging Units

pivaFiLLBigbag Discharging Units are units that discharge bulk material from bigbags in bigbags weighing between 200 kg and 1.2 tons. There are units with different configurations (bigbag bottom damping activation, bigbag sidewall boxing activation, spring natural elevation activation, crane lift activation etc.) for the discharge of materials with different fluidity from the bigbag.

It is possible to discharge the bigbag from the bottom discharge chute to the bunker gravmetrically or directly by vacuum with the bottom nozzle. It is also possible to discharge the big bag from the upper chute with the suction nozzle.

pivaFiLL Bigbag Discharging Units also offer dosing option with weighing integration as an option.

pivaFiLL Big Bag Discharging Units provide ergonomic and sanitary discharge of industrial bags between 5 kg and 25 kg by the operator. During the discharge of the bag, the suction fan system prevents the dust that will occur from advancing to the operator’s side. At the end of the process, the dust accumulated in the filter is discharged to the bunker, so that no dust material is wasted.

pivaFiLL Bigbag Filling Units allow materials weighing up to 1,500 kg to be filled into bigbags. It is possible to make precise dosing with the weighing integration of the unit and the correctly selected pivaDOSE dosing equipment on the upper elevation..

Before the bigbag filling, the bigbag inflation process is applied to inflate the empty bigbag in terms of the volumetric efficiency of the filling. This process is done with specially filtered air for food applications, and nitrogen for oxygen sensitive or combustible materials.

Optional vibration floor application is made in order for the filled material to be well placed in the bigbag.

pivaFiLL Big Bag Filling Units are available in Net and Gross versions with different filling speed performances. In cases where the height is suitable, 25 kg bags are filled at the level of approximately 4 tons/hour with its Net weighing and double filling nozzle version. In addition to many engineering designs, digital loadcells are used in the system for precision weighing.

The hygienic version of the unit has a food-compliant design. Vacuum and nitrogen injection can be applied into the bag in the filling of oxygen sensitive products..

The unit is operated with a single operator. Our company continues its R&D studies for the operator-free version.