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pivaFAS Industrial Automation

pivaFAS, Industrial Automation system, is the electronic and software part that enables the mechanical part of the plant project to work as designed. Hardware projecting is done on fully licensed electrical projecting software. The software to run on this hardware is also produced with fully licensed software.

While designing pivaFAS systems and panels, all factors including signaling and interference possibilities in the field are considered as a neural network.

Distributed I/O architecture is used when necessary.

The PLC, Operator Panel and Frequency Converters used are primarily selected according to customer preference. If the customer is neutral in this regard, popular and leading brands in the market are used.

Anti-interference filters are used in all our panels to prevent analog signals from being affected by interference.

OurpivaFAS switchboards have a ‘Remote Connection Module’ integration for fast and economical serviceability. Thus, in case of any software new regulation or intervention need, intervention can be made over the internet.