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pivaDOSE Dosing Units

pivaDOSE pivaDOSE Dosing Units are equipment that allow bulk powder materials to enter the process in the required amount and dose.

Dosing units according to the type of application;

  • Loss in Weight Dosing Units
  • Gain in Weight Dosing Units

According to the sensitivity of the application

Dosing Units;

  • Dosing with Screw Conveyor,
  • Dosing with Rotary Valve (Cell Wheel)
  • Dosing with vibratory feeder
  • Dosing with Vacuum Conveyor
  • Dosing with Valve

pivaDOSE has the pivaDOSEL product range for dosing liquids.

Mass capacity and weighing sensitivity are in opposite poles in dosing applications. Advanced mechanical systems, high-resolution weighing electronics, advanced interference-free speed control units and dosing-specific software are used to apply high-mass dosage with high precision.

pivaDOSE has the pivaDOSEL product range for dosing liquids.

Dosing process for multiple types of solid and/or liquid materials within the same processes extends to recipe-based automation. pivaSiS,  has a significant amount of experience in recipe-based automation.

In addition to many designs applied for the precision of dosing, a digital load cell (loadcell) is used for weighing.