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pivaCON Vacuum Conveyors

pivaCON Vacuum Conveyors are the vacuum conveyors produced by pivaSiS Engineering, which has the highest benefit in the world market compared to its engineering quality, design details, quality of materials used, ease of use and after-sales spare parts and service superiorities.

Thanks to its modular structure, it can be disassembled easily and in a short time without using any hand tools. After being cleaned easily, it can be easily collected and made operational in a short time without using any hand tools.

In the design of pivaCON Vacuum Conveyors; low failure and user-friendly serviceability criteria are taken into consideration.

pivaCON Vacuum Conveyor is the first and only in the world in many respects in the vacuum conveyor market with its technology infrastructure.! These are briefly; Remote Receiver Technology, Stainless Filter application, continuous status control, self-check-up, predictive maintenance warning, periodic maintenance time warning. You can get detailed information about these issues from us and our website.

With pivaCON Vacuum Conveyors, ‘toxic or carcinogenic materials’, ‘corrosive materials’, ‘fragile materials’, ‘homogenized mixtures’, ‘flammable, explosive and flammable materials’, ‘materials sensitive to moisture in the air’, ‘oxygen sensitive materials’, ‘single point to multipoint’, ‘multipoint to single point’ and ‘multipoint to multipoint’ can be transferred.

pivaCON  Vacuum Conveyors can offer solutions from 30 kg/hour capacity to 28.8 tons/hour capacity with their standard models. We can also offer solutions for capacity demands beyond this. The distances in the table are given as an example. It is also possible to transmit over longer distances. The data in the adjacent table is for the Crystal Sugar sample. Capacities vary for materials with different fluidity and bulk densities.

pivaCON Vacuum Conveyors are manufactured from stainless steel and are produced in models that comply with food norms (hygienic) or not. In hygienic models, filters, gaskets and polished surfaces suitable for food are used.

pivaCON Vacuum Conveyors can carry out the smooth transportation of fragile materials and homogenized mixtures with the dense phase pneumatic transfer method thanks to the ‘Vacuum Venturi Pump’. ‘Vacuum Blower’ is used for more economical transportation.

pivaCON Vacuum Conveyors can be produced in ATEX Zone 1/21 class on the outside and ATEX Zone 0/20 class on the inside.