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pivaBOT Industrial Robots

Our pivaBOT robots are robots that you can use with confidence in many areas of the industry. Scara is produced as 4 axes, 5 axes and 6 axes and with a lifting capacity from 1kg to 50kg. The arm span can be between 75cm and 2m.

The software of our robots is user-friendly and quite easy. With the teaching mode, it can be programmed without knowing the programming. Its electronic system enables easy remote service over the internet. In this way, downtime is minimal.

The robot population is increasing day by day in the industry.

We are happy and proud to produce robots that will carry our country’s production capabilities forward independently.

It requires very little maintenance thanks to its strong mechanical structure and long-term R&D studies.

Although there is no limit to the usage areas of our robots, some of the more preferred sectors for today are as follows; It will help you in many areas such as Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Arc welding, Laser applications, assembly, placing on the conveyor, picking up from the conveyor, material pallet automation, feeding parts to the CNC machine, working in challenging conditions.